Body Mapping Solution

  • Smart Automation ensures standardization and reproducibility
  • Markerless Tracking allows clinicians to more easily compare timepoints
  • Guided Follow-up yields efficiency and repeatability
  • Image Dashboard optimizes review and assessment

A medical professional taking guided pictures of a patient with DermaGraphix assistance
Template-guided body map photography
DermaGraphix capture templates control IntelliStudio camera settings and guide patient poses for consistent whole body photography with minimal staff training.
A medical professional taking pictures of a patient's lesions, which can be tagged in DermaGraphix
Dermoscopic images easily tagged to body map
All dermoscopic images associated with a lesion are linked to an automatically-generated unique number and tagged to the body map for efficient exams and accurate follow-ups. (Wireless tagging or USB tethering with compatible dermatoscopes.)

DermaGraphix enables simple but powerful review of both overview and dermoscopy images, facilitating efficient and effective lesion surveillance.

Dermoscopic images organized by DermaGraphix for efficient review

Faster reviews with better organized data DermaGraphix Dashboard organizes dermoscopy images for optimal review and assessment, with same lesion in a single column and same visit in a single row.

Lesion changes being monitored within DermaGraphix

Easy surveillance of dermoscopic images All photos, notes and attributes associated with a lesion are available for instant review and comparison. Full screen comparison between time points includes all image capture and lighting modalities.

Locate lesions with DermaGraphix

DermaGraphix can locate lesions on the overview image according to the clinician’s own criteria (nevus confidence, asymmetry, color). Spiral diagram mode can be used as a second look for the “ugly duckling”, or by the medical staff to assist in selecting lesions for dermoscopy.

Lesion changes being displayed automatically via DermaGraphix

Canfield's Markerless Tracking automatically aligns skin surfaces from two body maps allowing for efficient clinical review.

An exportable and encrypted USB flash drive called DermaGraphix Viewer

DermaGraphix Viewer empowers patients to check for changes between office visits. The simple, intuitive user interface includes both overview and close-up images. Data is stored on a secure, password protected and encrypted USB flash drive.

A printable lesion report generated by DermaGraphix

Printable lesion reports with 3-point, 7-point, and ABCD rule assessment results, clinical notes for billing, and patient referral fulfillment.