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VECTRA® WB360 whole-body imaging system installed in Hopital de la Conception-AP-HM Marseille, the first installation in France

Canfield’s VECTRA WB360 was recently installed at the Hopital de la Conception-AP-HM Marseille, making it the first WB360 system to be featured in a French hospital. The whole-body imaging system will be the centerpiece of the hospital’s multi-room system for clinical dermatology, where it includes rooms for body mapping and confocal microscopy. The VECTRA WB360 captures patient images using 46 stereo vision pods with cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting, generating a single 3D image of the entire body. Incorporating Canfield’s DermaGraphix® software, the 3D images are used for pigmented lesion and rash surveillance. Using VECTRA’S 3D imaging technology Prof. Jean-Jacques Grob and Jilliana Monnier, MD can examine individual lesions, record data, and monitor patients over time. This latest installation in Marseille is one of fifteen WB360 systems in Europe and is the fifth system so far in 2022.